Country Carrier Toll Free Number
Argentina Telefonica +800.1777.9999
Argentina All Carriers 0800.333.0095
Armenia All Carriers +374.60462654  
Australia Telstra +800.1777.9999
Australia All Carriers 1.800.763.983
Belgium Comgen Brussels +800.1777.9999
Belgium All Carriers 0800.260.39
Brazil Embrtl +800.1777.9999
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) All Carriers +55.2120181111
Canada Century Link 1.800.461.9330
Canada All Carriers 1.800.235.6302
Chile CTC Mundo and Entel 1230.020.3559
China Telcom and Netcom +800.1777.9999
China All Carriers 400.120.3062
Colombia Colombia ETB 844.397.3235
Colombia All Carriers 57.13816523
Costa Rica All Carriers +506.4000.3876
Czech Republic All Carriers 800.701.383
Egypt All Carriers 0800-000-0413
Denmark Telecom Denmark +800.1777.9999
Dominican Republic All Carriers 1-829-200-1123
Finland Sonera +800.1777.9999
Finland All Carriers 0800.07.635
France(includes Andora, Corsica, and Monaco) France Telecom +800.1777.9999
Georgia All Carriers +995.706.777493
Germany Deutsche Bundespost Telekom +800.1777.9999
Greece OTE 00800.1809.202.5606
Guatemala All Carriers +502-23784832
Hong Kong CW +800.1777.9999
Hungary Hungarian Telecommunications +800.1777.9999
India VSNL +800.100.3428
India All Carriers 000.800.100.4175
Indonesia Persero Indosat +803.015.203.5129
Indonesia (Jakarta) All Carriers +
Ireland Telecom Eireann +800.1777.9999
Israel Barak, Bezeq, and Gldn Lns +800.1777.9999
Italy (includes San Marino, Vatican City) Telecom Italia +800.1777.9999
Japan All Carriers +800.1777.9999
Japan All Carriers 0800-170-5621
Kazakhstan All Carriers 8.800.333.3511
Korea, Republic of (South Korea) Dacom +800.1777.9999
Korea, Republic of (South Korea) All Carriers 080.808.0574
Kyrgyzstan All Carriers 00.800.30022.017
Luxembourg Luxembourg Postes et Telecom +800.1777.9999
Macau CTM +800.1777.9999
Malaysia Malaysia Telecom +800.1777.9999
Mexico Telmex +866.376.0139
Netherlands Telecom Netherlands +800.1777.9999
New Zealand Telecom Corp +800.1777.9999
New Zealand All Carriers 0800.002341
Nicaragua All Carriers 001.800.222.5602
Nigeria All Carriers 070.80601844
Norway Telenor Nett +800.1777.9999
Panama All Carriers 001.800.204.9188
Papua New Guinea All Carriers 000861204
Philippines PLDT +800.1777.9999
Poland Polish Telcom +800.111.3819
Poland All Carriers 00.800.141.0213
Portugal All Carriers +800.1777.9999
Russia All Carriers 8.800.100.9615
Saudi Arabia All Carriers 966.8111072514
Singapore Singapore Telecom +800.1777.9999
Singapore All Carriers 800.852.3912
South Africa Posts & Telecom +800.1777.9999
South Africa All Carriers +27.105004106
Spain (includes Canary Islands) Telefonica +800.1777.9999
Sri Lanka (inside Colombo) All Carriers 247.2494
Sri Lanka (outside Colombo) All Carriers 011.247.2494
Sweden Telia Telecom AB +800.1777.9999
Switzerland(includes Lichtenstein) Swisscom +800.1777.9999
Taiwan Chunghura Telecom +800.1777.9999
Tajikistan All Carriers +992.427.815395
Thailand Comm Authority of Thailand +800.1777.9999
Turkey All Carriers 00.800.113.0803
Ukraine All Carriers 0.800.501134
United Arab Emirates All Carriers 8000.3570.3169
United Kingdom (includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) BT and CW 0-808-189-1053
United States and Canada (includes US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam) Century Link 1.800.461.9330
Venezuela All Carriers 0800.102.9423
Venezuela (Caracas) All Carriers +58.212.7820.2174
Vietnam All Carriers 122.80.390
Zimbabwe All Carriers +263.86.4404.1046
Note: For countries not listed here, use the following number for a collect call/reverse charge call. Operator assistance may be required and local charges may apply. All Carriers +1.720.514.4400